It’s not parents vs. teachers. It’s all of us against

 SMART RESTART APS is a coalition of parents & teachers.
We advocate for fact-based, multi-layered, risk reduction measures, to allow APS students and teachers to return to buildings SAFELY.
We seek to improve remote learning and accommodations for those who need to learn and work at home.
We fight for the health of kids, teachers, parents, and our community — to win the battle against COVID-19.


#SmartRestartAPS   #Face2FaceWhenSafe

APS Reopening
Report Card

It is V-I-T-A-L to reopen school buildings safely. These are some of our priorities to strengthen Arlington Public Schools’ plan to return to buildings.

Ventilation Icon


  • Air cleaners in EVERY classroom; and some classrooms need two cleaners because of size, low Outside Air volume, and in some cases, low capacity rooms that they host students with special needs who cannot wear masks.
  • 6 CLEAN air changes/hour with up to 100% Outside Air, or a combination of Outside Air and highly filtered air, and natural ventilation from windows
  • Open and clear data from testing for Indoor Air Quality
  • Upgrades to MERV 13 filtration inside HVAC systems
  • Individual CO2 monitors for classroom staff
  • Add Upper Room Air Germicidal UV to larger rooms
  • Long-range planning for summer HVAC upgrades and next summer upgrades
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  • Complete vaccinations for staff prior to return to buildings
  • Prioritization for those ALREADY working inside buildings
  • All staff (maintenance/janitorial, teaching aides, bus drivers, etc.) need equitable access
  • Improvement of communication, speed, and organization of vaccinations
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T-esting & Transparency

  • Weekly, free, on-site, rapid surveillance testing for teachers, students, and staff at all schools
  • Public case dashboard to disclose positive cases and possible exposures in real time by school, staff type, student, visitor
  • Consideration of wastewater treatment screening for schools — may be easier to implement quickly and cost effectively as a warning system in advance of outbreaks
  • Integrity in communications and data sharing
  • Actions more important than words, to earn renewal of teacher and parent trust in APS
Accommodations Icon


  • Staff with CDC COVID-19 risk factors are #SaferAtHome
  • Allow staff with infants and high-risk family members to stay at home until comfortable returning
  • Provide the accommodation of telework to staff who have a high risk condition or who live with someone who does
  • Better and quicker communication about possible exposures
Lunch Outdoors Icon

L-unch (and Breakfast!) Outdoors

  • Allowing unmasked eating breakfast or lunch inside classrooms is too risky
  • Provide resources to schools, such as top-only tents or awnings so students can eat meals outdoors in all types of weather
  • Community ready to do clothing drives to help students
  • Provide backup options for safe lunch indoors, such as Upper Room Air Germicidal UV systems in cafeterias
Fighters Against COVID-19 - Smart Restart APS