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In the News! Outdoor Lunch Petition Launched

In the News! Outdoor Lunch Petition Launched

Indoor dining during the pandemic is widely recognized as a high risk activity. The CDC, Dr. Fauci, epidemiologists, experts and the Arlington School Health Advisory Board all recommend that schools hold meals outdoors. Yet, APS has only "encouraged," but not required, outdoor dining in its schools, leaving this critical safety measure to the...

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From 9/17 (+ labeled 9/18 - posted Friday):

Kids eat indoors sometimes👇

#CarlinSprings Elementary — 4 student cases; where are all the contacts?
#Drew Elementary — 22 student contacts (3 sick staff)
#Montessori — 2 more kids ...close contacts; total 23

Teachers ought to be able to get booster shots, now, right? "Occupational Risk"
Also, those with any higher risk medical condition who are in the classroom should qualify. Talk to your doctor.

NEW VOTE: Authorization for Pfizer #covid19 booster for 65+ AND those at high risk (occupational risk or medical condition).

18 YES/ 0 NO / 0 ABSTAIN

What a relief. That allows for patient and clinician discretion to decide whether boosters are right for the individual.

Yeay! Way to show that we can do #APSOutdoorLunch when it's a little damp.

Just learning @APSVirginia & @ArlingtonVA scrapped using commercial tents — like so many private/public schools. Tents promised in May, August, etc. But county leaders couldn't follow through on ...promise.

NES doesn’t let a little sprinkle keep them from eating lunch outside 🍱 🌧 👏🏻 Thank you for committing to the safe choice! @NTMKnightsAPS @APSVirginia @MrsMeganLynch @EGardnerAPS @smartrestartaps

Children are loved equally by their families regardless of “underlying medical conditions”. This is a beautiful constant of pediatrics and life. My heart goes out to the family who lost their child to Covid. I am so sorry.

While we're currently focused on the airborne nature of Covid19, our interest in measuring CO2 levels shouldn't end there: " polluted air also makes us stupider, slowing us down on cognitive tests and making it easier to get distracted" via @j_g_allen

Now is the time to think about fixing indoor air for the long term. Piece with me, @j_g_allen and @timsharpe

Delta. Airborne. Viral load. Masks. And @Don_Milton … here is your morning read

#Ventilation benefits without energy impact

This device provides continuous filtered fresh air for our Passive House renovation in Brooklyn with minimum energy use. It is a ⁦@ZehnderAmerica⁩ Q600 ERV energy recovery ventilator.

Discussing tomorrow's FDA #covid19 booster decision soon @AC360. The data are pretty convincing that a 3rd booster dose increases protection (11X against infection + 19.5X against hospitalization).

I hope FDA votes to allow--if not recommend-- boosters.

Smart Restart: Hey! APS! Our schools got ionizers to #CleanTheAir. Sadly, they can spark indoor air chemistry reactions that create a lot of possibly harmful volatile organic compounds and aldehydes. Let’s replace them with True HEPA filters.

APS: 🦗🦗🦗

SR: Hey! Seminar👇

Did you miss the excellent EPA sponsored webinar yesterday by Professor Sally Ng on the "Formation of Secondary Byproducts from an Electronic Air Cleaner"?

Here are slides (shared with permission):
I will share the recording when available.

#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases #Jefferson #Innovation #Tuckahoe

New from 9/15 and 9/16:
Jefferson Middle — 2 student cases + 8 close contacts
Innovation Elementary — 1 student case + 1 staff close contact
Tuckahoe Elementary — 3 students with COVID + 1 more student close

🔥 by @DrAliceVirgil1 in @PsychToday. She argues indoor school meals are not only dangerous during COVID, but further destabilize a sense of truth and reality among gaslit students.

Short 🧵 from article + links on lunchtime risk
(ht @kprather88)

@HuffmanLabDU @DrAliceVirgil1 @PsychToday @kprather88 Thankfully both of my children’s school have made outdoor eating possible… during good weather. I feel like I need to pick them up to eat in my car when the weather isn’t good. We need #AllWeatherOutdoorEating ASAP! Mid-day break outside ...has many health benefits & is #CovidSafe