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Smart Restart on NBC National News!

We're partnering with teachers and scientists, like Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding and the Covid Action Group, to push for more federal dollars to help schools quickly implement the short-term projects recommended in the new CDC guidance on ventilation and filtration. And we were featured on national news this week, as more of our youngest students returned...

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Using Air Cleaners Correctly

Using Air Cleaners Correctly

Now that APS has started to deliver 1,450 portable air cleaners to classrooms, we have a few tips for any teachers or staff trying to figure out where to place them.   When positioning the air purifiers in the classroom: A single air cleaner should ideally be placed centrally. If several purifiers are installed, the instruments should be...

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Today, we took action to expand the use of a booster dose for #COVID19 vaccines in eligible populations. We’re amending the EUAs for the vaccines to allow for the use of a single booster dose: ⬇️ ⬇️

Starting a thread on breakthrough risk by vaccine type and time

First some data on J&J vs RNA vax:

Case rates (per 1000):
OK: 2.10 vs 1.54 = +36%
DC: 3.21 vs 1.70 = +89%
San Diego: 2.33 vs 1.54 = +51%
Pooled dat: 2.32 vs 1.55 = +50%

If you have other, feel free to post.

CIDRAP published a 2-part review of mask studies. It's a good compilation to review if lobbying for #BetterMasks in your #school system. Alas, ours has done nada to upgrade protection for kids, including the families who can't afford better masks!

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COMMENTARY: What can masks do? Part 1: The science behind COVID-19 protection

Part 1 of a 2-part commentary explains the differences in cloth face coverings and surgical masks, the science of respiratory protection, and the...

To effectively fight the flu, @linseymarr argues we need to step up airborne mitigation efforts - windows, ventilation, filtration, maybe regulating humidity. Sound familiar? (clipped via @zeynep).

The investments for COVID will have long-lasting benefit!

Now that we've collectively practiced how to fight an airborne disease spread by inhaling aerosols, the health gains can also be applied to seasonal flu.

@linseymarr has as much street cred on this topic than anyone in the world. Her @nytopinion.

Previous infection didn't stop #DeltaVariant in this study of Delhi's outbreak. 27% of cohort studied — who were thought to have some immunity from previous illness — got reinfected w/more transmissible, evasive variant.

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Genomic characterization and epidemiology of an emerging SARS-CoV-2 variant in Delhi, India

Astoundingly, PTA leaders are asking about dropping masks before little kids get vaxed and while we face a possible winter spike in #COVID19. #Masks are the ONLY mitigation in APS that is nearly everywhere. What disregard for immune compromised families’ ability to access school!

UK dropped all covid19 precautions in mid-july.
3 months later, mid-october, here we are: the results.

Since so much transmission occurs in households, we need to pay attention to improving mitigation in homes.

Homes have an air change rate of about 0.3 per hour, which basically guarantees that a highly contagious virus will infect everyone in the home.

Tweet from 1 yr ago today.
Sadly, my prediction in last bullet came to fruition (3 wks later than predicted). So wish we'd changed trajectory, done what was needed (& obvious to many) to reduce inhaled dose of virus-laden aerosol particles & save hundreds of thousands of lives. ...

I agree wholeheartedly with @j_g_allen! This is the final slide in a talk that I am giving this week to business leaders in Oregon. Be smart. Trust in science. Keep your guard way up. On verge of our most difficult battle yet.

For the “kids are practically immune” crowd out there…. is this 2-year old intubated on a ventilator for 5 days—an “acceptable” level of kids illness? Zero kids are supposed to be intubated nor die. Zero. #COVID19

Much reason to be upset about COVID —

As we seek to do better, don’t we have more to ask of the federal leaders responsible for protecting public health who allowed >120,000 preventable deaths from COVID in 3 months, record highs in young people, than of people who aim for zero?


Use a Better Mask for COVID-19 | Delta Variant - Consumer Reports

“Any gap between the face and the mask defeats the purpose, because the air has a much easier time going through those gaps instead of going through the cloth of the mask”

Check out this compilation of research.

There is evidence for airborne transmission of many respiratory diseases including COVID-19, flu, measles and chickenpox.

There is no evidence for droplet transmission in any of them.

This is why a paradigm shift is needed. ...

We've summarized the literature supporting airborne transmission of COVID-19 & several other respiratory pathogens. Guess what? #COVIDisAirborne #FluisAirborne #SARSisAirborne #MERSisAirborne

Live version of table & refs:

@jmcrookston @jljcolorado

Research via @Harvard confirms that infants, children & teens are equally able to carry high levels of live, replicating SARS-CoV-2 in their respiratory secretions.
👉#SafeSchools measures and precautions are of utmost importance!
@DrEricDing @yaneerbaryam

We may be under this as the current pace is closer to 1 in 20 or 5% this year. But that’s for confirmed infection. Numerous studies with widespread testing in a school, or serology find 6-10x the # of cases, because kids more likely to be low or no-symptom but still infectious.

Seeing lots of tweets from surprised parents with newly Covid-positive schoolchildren. Modeling found 70% of susceptible children could become infected during the first three months of school without interventions. With masking/testing, 40% still will.

This is a great thread by @sarahcobey (from the immunology/epidemiology/virology/ecology/evolution perspective) about respiratory infections and interventions.

This article highlights an important accidental victory of the pandemic. Most countries implementing NPIs against SARS-CoV-2 have seen a massive decrease in pathogens causing influenza-like illness. Most of this is not actually flu (in the U.S., at most ~30% tends to be flu). 1