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Using Air Cleaners Correctly

Using Air Cleaners Correctly

Now that APS has started to deliver 1,450 portable air cleaners to classrooms, we have a few tips for any teachers or staff trying to figure out where to place them.   When positioning the air purifiers in the classroom: A single air cleaner should ideally be placed centrally. If several purifiers are installed, the instruments should be...

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We intend to donate more than 1,000 air purifiers to schools and other congregate spaces in 2023. Our campaign goal will help approx. 330 students breathe cleaner air.

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It’s official: The White House has surrendered to the virus

As #hospitals drop COVID precautions, often increasing #nosocomial spread, there's an alternative path!

Hospitals can develop comprehensive programs to support #vulnerable ppl through the pandemic. In JAMA Oncology, we offer 10 evidence-based tips.

@ErikaO_O1 @APSVirginia @Resource_Path @janeth_janeth2b Low-income families, w/ many exposures from frontline jobs + school, w/ multigenerational caregivers, lacking access to dependable & affordable healthcare, will continue to carry the weight of “living” with COVID-19 unless ...#Arlington, Virginia, starts to prioritize, help them.

@ErikaO_O1 @APSVirginia @Resource_Path @janeth_janeth2b We thought Arlington was better than this. A pandemic should have brought SOME CHANGES that get carried forward. Instead, wealthy elites are OK with allowing very young, older citizens, unvaccinated (vax soon will cost a LOT of $$), those w/o... good healthcare to die/be disabled.

So APS quietly shut down PCR testing for kids/staff who are symptomatic. A note was on the door this week saying the fantastic service was gone. Now you can drive a half hour to Sterling.

@APSVirginia and @Resource_Path — this is a tremendous loss. Hard to find a PCR test today.

Daughter’s teacher has had covid 3x this year, in hosp now, had been intubated in ICU earlier this year. Why are teachers and unions not fighting for better protections?

Report after report has demonstrated that the lack of policies such as paid leave continues to undermine public health, and yet the need for these policies is virtually absent from discussions on how to plan for future threats. 6/

Equity remains a glaring omission of “next pandemic” conversation despite large and persistent COVID disparities. Yet, the groups and communities hit first and hardest by COVID remain an afterthought of future pandemic discussions.5/

Prisons were not only home to explosive and deadly epidemics but also served as what @_Eric_Reinhart has called epidemic engines—they drove transmission into high-risk communities. Yet, there’s persistent neglect of prisons and other congregate settings.4/

Nursing homes represented up to 80% of total state COVID deaths in 2020. Yet, many nursing homes not only have unacceptably low booster and treatment coverage to weather COVID but also are not the focus of future pandemic planning conversations. 3/

Most working-age people who died in 2020 were low-paid essential workers, and many workers carried the virus into multigenerational households w/high-risk elders. Yet, workplace protections remain conspicuously absent from “next pandemic” conversations. 2/

⚠️ 🚨 Do you support legislation to improve school air quality?

PLEASE sign/share this petition in support of IL HB3713 Clean Air for Healthy Equitable Schools (you DON'T need to live in IL). VOTE YES to healthier & safer schools.

Watching privileged people argue everyone should just buy N95 masks, CO2 monitors, and other COVID prevention tools and have their own risk assessments shows just how vastly out of touch they are with so many people's lived experience.

Many people cannot afford these tools.

This ! + a reminder that in @ArlingtonVA, as a 1st step, we need to act to erase increased student meal debt (mostly $$ owed to @APSVirginia by moderate-low income families who earn just above the free-lunch threshold but are extremely burdened by inflation/post-pandemic)

Virginia needs to think about this. Having a state government that boasts about a yearly budget surplus is foolish when kids go hungry.